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Zoo & Aquariums

Often times zoos face the obstacle of managing several different software systems and departments while trying to maintain accurate, up-to-date records. Keeping track of constituent data is vital and the ability to track and manage admissions, membership, retail, rentals…


Museums have several programs running throughout the year, from educational classes and special exhibits, to concerts and retail sales. Let us help you bring all of these business areas under one roof to increase your revenue and minimize expenditures..

Amusement Parks & Water Parks

Do you feel you have too many systems that are disconnected? Too much manual labor to combine sales data across your sales locations? FocusPoint360 can help you increase your season pass sales, integrate your sales points and learn more about what your visitors.

Tour Based Attractions

Searching for a system to handle your ticket sales, events, bookings, retail and membership? Look no further! Streamline your operations with our integrated solutions for Point of Sale, E-Commerce and mobile sales..

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