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Real Time Point of Sale Communication
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Client centric design solutions for attractions of various sizes.

Real Time Integration with the Point of Sale

Sell a variety of products with a single cart for your guests.  Utilize real time communication between the Point of Sale and E-Commerce site.

Responsive Web Design

E-Commerce sites that render to a variety of devices, from phone to tablet and desktop.

Real Time Integration with the Point of Sale

A single cart for your guests provides more options for increased sales opportunities via upselling and

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Admissions & Ticketing

Offer guests the ability to purchase their tickets from the comfort of home or on their mobile devices. General admissions, timed tickets with capacity, special events and more.

Site Design Services

KMIT Solution’s team of designers will ensure that your brand is well represented in customer facing areas. We provide upfront design services and ongoing support as your needs and marketing changes over time.

Group Sales

Enable guests to submit their group sales requests online. Provide the option to process a simple request with selected options, process a deposit or full payment.

Social Media Interfaces

Provide guests with the means to sign in with common social media platforms Facebook and Google+.  Guests can also share purchase details with friends and colleagues

Dashboard Reports

Want to get a better idea of your site health and metrics?  FocusPoint360 Web dashboard report tools will enable you to view sales data and usage of promos and discounts. timed tickets with capacity, special events and more.

Google Analytics Integration

Leverage Google Analytics data to further monitor site traffic. We offer options for simple integration or integration and maintenance as part of our professional services.

Retail Sales

Sell your retail products online and utilize integration with USPS. Your online retail store integrates with FocusPoint360  modules  to automatically process member discounts, and general guest promotions.

Membership Management

Provide special offers and incentives for your guests to become members.

Memberships can be sold, renewed and given as gifts online.

Print at home and mobile options enable guests to present their cards upon entry.

Education, Bookings and Special Events

Manage education program registrations, special events and birthday party bookings online.

Donations & Sponsorships

Collect donations for various causes and provide guest with the ability to sponsor programs. Generate unique certificates and forms based on their respective campaign.

Affiliate Pages

Expand your sales reach. Provide partners the ability refer guests to your venue to make purchases via a web portal. Track sales activity and performance as part of your marketing efforts.

This is applicable to all pages having the Affiliate Page item. Right now the description is correct under eCommerce. It needs to be changed for all pages under Markets.

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